Therapeutic consultation provides caregivers and service providers expertise and behavioral training in supporting an individual within their care. Consultation will be provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst/Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA/LBA) who will assist family members, caregivers and other service providers in supporting the individual enrolled in the waiver.  The need for services shall be based on the Individual Support Plan and shall be provided to those individuals for who specialized consultation form the BCBA/LBA is clinically necessary and who have the additional challenges restricting their abilities to function in the community.

These consultation services may be provided in the individuals’ home and in appropriate community settings, as long as they are intended to facilitate implementation of individuals’ desired outcomes as identified in their Individual Support Plan. 


ABC's of ABA in home program for our families already enrolled in our clinic, includes providing one on one ABA interventions and programming within the home and community setting. Baseline data will indicate preliminary treatment goals and continued data collection and analysis will determine the progression of treatment. The family unit will be an integral component of this therapy.