Welcome to the ABC’s of ABA Clinics! We are very excited to be able to offer ABA therapy to children in an environment designed to stimulate functional communication and cooperative play. 

Our primary goal at the clinics is to prepare our children for the transition to the school environment. Because of this, both our clinic’s physical environment and teaching environment are modeled after actual pre-school classrooms. Creating opportunities that allow our children to engage in both social and academic tasks provides a natural setting for shaping problem behaviors.

We specialize in early intervention, and work with children ages 2 to 21. ABC’s of ABA is natural environment-based, using each child’s individual strengths and motivations to foster their potential. 

Programs are developed specific to each child’s needs, and we provide the necessary training and supervision to help replicate and generalize these interventions throughout different environments, including home, school and clinic. 


Serving the greater Salem/Roanoke, VA community:

1630 Braeburn Dr. Salem, VA 24153 

Tel: 540 -588-9582 | Fax: 540-380-8155

New location in Wytheville, VA community:

705 E. Main St. Wytheville, VA 24382

Tel: 540 -588-9582